Is the 2021 Ford Explorer the Next Car For You?

The Ford Explorer has always been known as one of Ford’s better options for someone needing a rugged SUV. For decades, it has been top-rated among owners for how well it performs and how versatile it can be, even in very different driving conditions. With the 2021 Ford Explorer hitting streets, the question is, is the new version the right Ford for you?

As you will see in a second, the new Ford Explorer has a lot going for it that might tempt you into making a purchase. If you end up deciding this might be the perfect Ford vehicle for you, don’t hesitate to visit your local 2021 Ford Explorer Bay Area dealer to get in the driver’s seat in one of your own.

Built With Safety in Mind

As always, Ford works hard to make sure their vehicles are safe so drivers and passengers are protected in the event of an accident. The 2021 Explorer is certainly no exception, offering safety features that are very typical of Ford. You will find several driver-assist technologies in this vehicle, including:

·    Reverse brake assist

·    Adaptive cruise control

·    Blind spot monitoring

An Advanced Base Edition

Normally, the base version of a vehicle will be very bare-bones, while a pricier model with more features will be on offer for people who want the extra amenities. With the 2021 Explorer, Ford has made the base edition an excellent value for the money.

Even with the base edition of this vehicle, you will be able to access features such as:

·    A power liftgate with LED tail-lights

2021 Ford Explorer Bay Area dealer

·    A built-in Wifi hotspot

·    Included SiriusXM radio

Features For Everyone

Like you can see outlined here, there are a lot of reasons why drivers should consider picking up the 2021 Explorer if they want to check out some of the advancements made by Ford with the model. From its safety features to its nice list of included amenities, it is hard to find anything not to love about this newest entry into Ford’s loved Explorer lineup.